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last update: December 13, 2017

Hors d'oeuvres / Appetizers
Snails in parsley-garlic butter - $8.25
Tartelette Campagnarde
caramelized onions, bacon, potatoes, Shredded Gruyere,
Alsacian mustard greens bouquet
 - $8.50
Trio du terroir
Home made duck & country pâté, saucisson & its garnish- $9.50
Saumon fumé
Norwegian smoked salmon,lemon, chives crème
fraiche dip & traditional garnish
- $11.25
Casserolette de moules
Mussels,melted leeks, creamy Calvados sauce - $7.95
Crevette des Calanques
Grilled shrimps,green chiffonade, garlic parsley butter, brick dough nest- $10.95
Crèpe fourrée
Crèpe stuffed with crabmeat, Bay scallops, mushrooms, Chablis cream sauce - $9.95
Crèpe au Boudin
Crèpe stuffed with seared black sausage, red onion & pear chutney,
old grain Mustard drizzle
- $10.75
Silver dollar mushroom stuffed Roquefort cheese, herbs- $7.95
Vol au vent
Sweetbreads, light creamy French Brandy, mushrooms set in puff pastry - $11.95

Soupes & More
Soupe à l'oignon - $8.75
Soupe du jour

Salade maison
Seasonal greens, carrot julienne, red beet, toasted almond,
honey lemon oil dressing
- $8.50
Salade au chèvre chaud
Bouchevrette goat cheese crouton, arugula, fresh grape bacon,
citrus dressing
- $9.95
Endives au Roquefort
Endives, Roquefort cheese, poached pear, dry cranberries, peanuts,
honey apple cider vinaigrette
- $8.95
Salade du Chat
Artisanal mix, walnut, Gala apple, shredded Comté, maple dressing- $8.25
Salade Du Puy
Green du Puy lentils, olives, sundried tomato, parsley, Dijon shallot vinaigrette, Parmesan croquant- $8.95
Baby spinach, warm mushroom, sesame seed, garlic crouton,
walnut oil dressing-
Salade de poulet
Seasonal greens, crumbled pecan, red onion, apple and chicken,
balsamic dressing
- $12.75
Salade niçoise
Fresh tuna, hard boiled egg, greens, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber,
green beans, potatoes, onion, olives, anchovies
- $14.95
Quiche du Jour - $12.95
Cheese and charcuterie selection
(Ask for our daily selection)

Plats de résistance / Main Courses
Steak frites "le Chat Noir"
NY strip, maître d’hôtel butter,French fries - $24.95
Poulet Grand-Mere
Braised Allen chicken, pearl onions, smoked bacon, mushrooms, creamy Riesling sauce, pilaf rice- $22.95
Canard confit
Duck leg confit,Toulouse sausage, sweet potato puree, roasted turnips & parsnips,
Grand Marnier orange sauce
- $17.95
Cote de Porc
Grilled pork chop, bacon confit, Brussels sprouts, Espelette Poached pear,
Lemon oil Sage infusion
- $22.95
Boeuf Bourguignon
Classic braised beef stew in red Burgundy with pearl onions, mushrooms,
carrots and bacon, tagliatelle pasta
- $23.95
Poissons de roche, Bay scallops, mussels, shrimps, fennel-Tomato- saffron broth, rouille, & garlic croutons- $23.95
Saumon au Champagne
Pan seared salmon, gnocchi and Sweet green Pea, grated Manchego
Champagne sauce
- $20.95
Les Crevettes
Pan seared jumbo shrimps, asparagus brunoise, truffle risotto, Chablis garlic sauce,
black pearl roe
- $23.75
Moules frites
Marinière (White wine, garlic, shallot cream) - $18.95
Assiette végétarienne
Daily chef vegetables selection - $15.95

Served with green salad or French fries
Sirloin bavette steak, caramelized onions, feta cheese, on a baguette- $12.50
Ham,Camembert cheese, cornichons, butter on a baguette- $9.95
La Lyonnaise
French brioche bun, warm bacon, fried egg, blue cheese, frisée, honey Dijon sauce - $9.95
La tartine
Bouchevrette goat cheese, fig jam, honey, lemon oil, on a baguette, arugula - $11.95
Grilled salmon, Spicy aioli, bacon, green, crispy brioche- $13.95
Ham, Swiss cheese, toasted white bread, Mornay spread - $9.95
Sunny side egg, Swiss cheese, ham, toasted white bread,Mornay spread- $10.95
Merguez frites
Lamb sausage,marinated sundried tomato, Dijon mustard, harissa,
French fries, on a baguette
- $14.95

Side orders
Salade Verte - $6.95
Frites - $4.50
Baby spinach salad - $4.50
Sautéed mushrooms - $6.50
Brussels sprouts - $6.50
Rice Pilaf - $3.95
Sautéed spinach - $5.95
Truffle Parmesan risotto - $10.95
Green beans - $6.50
Grilled asparagus, lemon sage oil - $4.50