Thursday, March 19, 2009

-----> Fêtons la Guyane Française
Dinner Menu

Three-Course Menu with Cocktail - $41.95

Rum Punch Cocktail
Signature's cocktail - $12.00
1st course---------------------------------------------------------
Les Demoiselles Galibis
Puff pastry filled with breaded shrimp, crème fraiche, fresh herbs & basil oil - $9.50
Terrine de Ti-légumes
Carrots, spinach & plantain banana terrine served with tomato coulis - $7.95
Le Requin Pays
Marinated shark over eggplant caviar & spicy sauce "chien" - $8.95

2nd course--------------------------------------------------------
Bouillon d'Awara
The traditional dish of French Guyana is an 8-hour stew made of fishes & meats with green beans, spinach, eggplant, cucumber and palm fruit paste served in a bread casserole with brown rice - $24.95
Poisson à la Papaye & Noix de Coco
Pan seared fish of the day with coconut crust served with rum marinated papaya, plantain banana chips & light curry white wine sauce - $23.95
Malasse de Cabri
Goat meat stew with tamarind paste, tomatoes, onions, ginger and malasse spices, served with manioc root & ananas confit - $22.95

Verrine de Maracudja
Passion fruit mousse & lime almond milk coulis - $7.75
Crèpe aux Mangues
Sweet crepe filled with caramelized marinated fresh mango & vanilla ice cream - $8.50
Sorbet de Coco
Coconut sorbet with rum splash and kiwi coulis - $8.95

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